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• High Ranking North Korean Official Heads to U. for Talks; French Investigators Say Father of Dangling Child at a Balcony was Playing Pokemon Go When the Incident Happened; Haze from Hawaii Volcano Reaches Guam; Lava Threatens to Trap Residents on Hawaii's Big Island; Oil Falls as Saudis, Russians Prepare to Pump More; Petrobras Shares Up 14 Percent in Sao Paulo; Four-Year Search for Malaysian Flight MH370 Ends; PWC: Drones Could Add Billion to U. Aired 4-5p ET • Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape In New York City; Trucker Strike Now In Its Fifth Day; GDPR Is Now Live; Facebook and Google Face Lawsuits Over New EU Data Law; Police in Canada Search for Suspects in Restaurant Blast; Meghan Markle's Coat of Arms Unveiled; Morgan Freeman Issues Apology Over Allegations; Rusal Founder Steps Down Amid U. Aired: 4-5p ET • Emmanuel Macron Tries To Turn France From A Striking Nation To A Startup Nation; Turkey Is Taking Emergency Action Raising Interest Rates To Stabilize A Currency In Free Fall; Comcast Confirms That It Will Start A Fight With Disney For 21st Century Fox; U. And China Are At Crossroads Negotiating On So Many Levels; JCPenney Exec Leaving The Struggling Retailer To Become Lowe's New Chief Executive; European Markets Closed Firmly In The Red; Talk Of A Mega Banking Merger Between Barclays And Standard Chartered Is Brewing Again; Italy Has Made It Official; The New Prime Minister Is Giuseppe Conte; Russia In An Age Where Sanctions Are Flying And Relations With The West Is Sinking; U. Embassy in China Issues a Health Warning After a U. Government Employee Reported Abnormal Symptoms Resembling a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury; Nerve Agent Survivor Yulia Skripal Speaks for the First Time; USA Gymnastics Head Apologizes for Abuse By Nassar; Judge: Trump Can't Bar Critics from His Twitter Feed; E. Shares Dive 17 Percent After Earnings; Rubio: Tax Cuts Helping Shareholders, not Workers; Avengers Infinity War Boosts IMAX. Secretary of State Says the White House is Likely to Ditch the Iran Nuclear Deal; Investigators Cite 2016 Chapecoense Crash was Caused By Lack of Fuel; New Royal Baby Named Louis Arthur Charles; Ex-Australian Prime Minister Says He's Skeptical on Korea Prospects.

Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Uses Memorial Day Tweet to Tout Economy; Colombian Presidential Election Set for June Runoff; Malian Hero Who Rescued Child Gets French Citizenship; Former IMF Official Nominated as Italy's Interim PM; Cottarelli to Seek Italian Parliament's Support; Padoan: EU and Eurozone Need Deep Restructuring; Millions in Southeastern U. Brace for Storm; Hawaiian Airlines CEO: Low Impact of Volcano Eruption; Hawaiian Airlines Adds Airbus A321 Neo to Fleet; Paris Start-Up to Beat Traffic with Water Taxis. Aired: 4-5p ET • Donald Trump Shocked The Markets By Calling Off His Meeting With Kim Jong-Un; Car Dealers In The United States Warned Of Economic Disaster Over New Plan For Tariffs; Angela Merkel Turns To China In Her Search For A New Trading Partner; Investigators Say The Missile That Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh17 Was Fired From A Launcher Belonging To A Specific Russian Brigade; North Korea Announces Destruction of Nuclear Test Site; Moon Jae-in: Deeply Regrets North Korea Summit Has Been Canceled; Rusal CEO And Directors Quit Amid Sanctions; Russia Oil Minister Cites Growth Optimism; CNN Questions Russian Oligarch Over Cohen Payments; France Fights To Become Europe's Tech Hub; Uber Invests Millions To Build Flying Taxis In France; Fauda Season 2 Returns Amid Inflamed Israeli-Palestine Tensions; Global Markets Fall After Trump Cancels North Korea Summit. Aired: 4-5p ET • Trump: Disgraceful that Mueller's Questions were Leaked; Police Arrest Hundreds at Paris May Day Protests; Actress Ashley Judd Sues Harvey Weinstein; Armenian Opposition Leader Fails in Bid to Become Prime Minister; U. Nuclear Watchdog Cast Doubt on the Israeli Prime Minister's Claim that Iran Lied about Wrapping Up its Nuclear Weapons Program; Israel PM: Sanctions will Pile Pressure on Iran; Apple Earnings Beat Expectations; Snap Inc.

Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Says Trade Wars are Good; Dow Struggles Amid Talk of Trade War; EU Leader Thank British Prime Minister for "Clarity"; Trump Promises Victory in Global Trade Wars; Euroskeptic Parties Hope for Victory in Italian Elections. Aired 4-5p ET • Comcast Take on Murdoch with Bid for Sky; German Car Industry Rattled by Diesel Ban; Powell Faces First Capitol Hill Hearing as Fed Chair; Olympic Curling Champion Goes Back to Work.

Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Sinks as Trump Announces Steel Tariffs; U. Allies Vow to Respond to Tariffs; European Travel Snarled by Major Snowstorm; QVC Takes on Amazon; Belvedere Vodka Teams Up with U. Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Surges in Fresh Push for 26,000; Nene Returns as South African Finance Minister; Trump Calls Xi "Unique" After Term Limits Removed; Samsung Shows Off New Flagship Smartphone; Journalist Found Dead After Investigation Tax Fraud.

Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Tells Russia to Get Ready for Missile Strike on Syria; Kremlin: Won't Take Part in Twitter Diplomacy; Two Hundred and Fifty Seven Killed in Algeria Military Plane Crash; House Speaker Ryan to Retire from Congress in November; Trump Considers Firing Mueller and Rosenstein; Zuckerberg Tussles with Lawmakers Over Data Privacy; Sugarfina Candy Scours the Globe for the Best Candy. Aired 4-5p ET • National Day of Mourning in Russia for Fire Victims; Mysterious Train Leaves Beijing with No Confirmation North Korea`s Kim Jong-un was Aboard; Holocaust Survivor Murdered in Possible Hate Crime; Israeli Prime Minister Taken to Hospital; Waymo and Jaguar Unveil Self-Driving Electric SUV; Arizona Suspends Uber`s Self-Driving Car Tests; GE Rallies on Rumors of Warren Buffett Stake; Spotify Predicts 200 Million Users By the End of 2018; Sound Cloud CEO: We Focus on Creators First; Sponsors Slam Australian Cricketers for Cheating. to Expel 50 Russian Diplomats Over Poisoning of Ex-Spy; Fire Exits Blocked in Russian Mall Devastated by Fire Kills 64; Stormy Daniels Details Alleged Trump Affair; Day One of Voting Ends in Egypt Presidential Elections; Oil Hovers Near a Barrel Amid Middle East Tensions; Chinese Oil Futures Begin Trading in Shanghai; Qantas Airline Makes a Historic 17- Hour Nonstop Flight from Perth, Australia to London; Bill Gates Publicly Rebukes Nigeria's Leaders; Kenya Regroups after a Divisive Presidential Election; Remington Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Aired 5-6p ET • Trump Hits China with Billion Tariff; Trump's Lead Lawyer on Russia Probe Resigns; Car Bomb Rocks Somali Capital; U. Drops Charges Against 11 Turkish Bodyguards; Trump Trade War Fears Rock U. Markets; AT&T and Time Warner Trial Begins; WTTC: Tourism Accounts for One in Every Five New Jobs; Dow Tumbles 724 Points After Trump Unveils Tariffs.

Aired 4-5p ET • UN Security Council Meets Amid Syria Attack Fallout; Federal Agents Raid Office of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen; President Trump Promises a Major Decision on Syria in Two Days; A White House Official Says Trump is Watching Reports of Cohen Raid; Facebook CEO Apologizes on Eve of Senate Testimony; Facebook to Alert Users about Cambridge Analytica; U. Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Surges on Hopes for Trade Talks; E. Harsher Measures against Russia Could Come Soon; U. Federal Trade Commission Investigating Facebook; U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trade War Fears Push Dow into Correction; Trade Tariffs and Possible Trade War with China; Likely Retaliation of China to the U. Trade Tariffs; Terrorist Situation in Thebes, France; Deadly Car Bomb Rocks Southern Afghanistan; U. Aired 5- 6p ET • Fed Chairman Says Several Factors are Supporting the Outlook, Fiscal Policy Has Become More Stimulative - Ongoing Job Gains are Boosting Incomes and Confidence - Foreign Growth is on a Firm Trajectory - Overall Financial Conditions Remain Accommodative; Marc Zuckerberg Said "We Have a Responsibility to Protect Your Data and if We Can't Then We Don't Deserve to Serve You" As He Breaks His Silence on the Facebook Data Scandal And Promises That Lessons Will Be Learned • Facebook CEO Stays Quiet Over Data Scandal; Sarah Sanders Dodges Question on Russian Election; Trump Meets with Saudi Crown Prince; Toyota Pauses Autonomous Car Testing Program; U. Asks Mark Zuckerberg to Testify at Fake News Inquiry; Facebook Investors Fear Regulation Loss of Users; Fifth Explosion in Texas Hits Fed Ex Facility; Fed Ex Makes 1.53 Billion from Tax Bill; United Airlines Suspends Pet Travel in Cargo Holds • Facebook Loses Billions Of Dollars As Its Data Scandal Goes Global; Britain And Europe Set A Date For The Great British Brexit Transition; Uber Self-Driving Cars Are Off The Roads After A Deadly Crash With A Pedestrian.

Imposes Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs; Amazon's Alexa Records and Shares Private Conversations; Oil Price Drop Pushes Down Energy Stocks; Italian, Spanish Stocks Fall Amid Political Uncertainty. Companies Race to Become GDPR Compliant by Friday; Turkey Halts Lira's Slide by Hiking Key Interest Rates; Dow Recovers Early Trading Losses Over Trade Fears; British Stocks Slip from All-Time Highs • Donald Trump Is Accused Of Letting China Take Them To The Cleaners On ZTE; Mark Zuckerberg, Again, Says Sorry This Time To A Different Set Of Law Makers; Never Mind The Brexit, British Stocks - It's Another All Time High; U. Lawmakers Are About To Vote On Whether To Throw Out The Banking Rules Put In Place; A Woman Has Been Named President Of The NYSE; Trump Casts Doubts On Summit With North Korea; Trade Unions On Strike Across France; Royal Newlyweds Celebrate With Prince Charles; Trump Not Happy With Trade Talks, Stocks Sink; China To Cut Tariffs On Imported Autos; Senators Warn Against Relaxed Penalties For ZTE; Trump Proposes Five Management Changes For ZTE; FTSE 100 Closes At Another Record High; Lava From Hawaii Volcano Nears Geothermal Power Plant; Carnival Cruise Announces Hawaii Itinerary in May, Unveils Newest Cruise Ship. Aired 4-5p ET • Daimler Will Audit Its Supply Chain To Ensure Child Labor Is Not Used, Data Firm Behind The Facebook Privacy Scandal Is Now Set To Close, Investors Are Loving Apple's 0 Billion Stock Buyback Plan, Europe Markets Closed Out The Session, Mostly Higher; Iranian Diplomat: If the U. Leaves Deal, there's No Deal Left; Trump's Lead Lawyer Ty Cobb Leaves Position; U. Military Plane Crashes in Georgia Suburbs; Southwest Airlines Investigates Cracked Window on its Plane; U2 Plan Augmented Reality Experience for New Tour.

And China Have Called What Seems To Be A Ceasefire On Their Trade War: London FTSE Closed At A Record High; Sanctions Of Historic Proportions; U. Aired: 4-5p ET • White House's Press Secretary Says She Can't Confirm Reports that the 3 Americans Held in North Korea Would Be Released; Intense Dust Storm Pummels India, Killing 110; Cosby and Polanski Expelled from Oscars Academy; Cisco CEO: U. and China Need Each Other; Charlie Dent: Trump Made Tactical Mistake on Trade; Alibaba's Jack Ma Meets Israeli PM; Women Accuse Uber Drivers of Sexual Assault; Elon Musk Cuts Off Boring Bonehead Questions; You Tube Host Questions Elon Musk on Earnings Call; Dow Recovers from 350-Point Selloff.

Aired 4-5p ET • Trump To NRA: Time to Toughen Up; Wall St.Aired 4-5p ET • Carillion Collapse Puts Thousands of Jobs at Risk; 77 Hurt as Floor Collapses at Jakarta Stock Exchange; Five Days until U. Government Runs out of Money; Trump Presses on with Deregulation Agenda; Iran Releases 440 Anti-Government Protesters; SPD Leaders Want New Coalition with Merkel; Retail CEOs Say Physical Stores Are Not Dead; Luxury Watch Fair Begins in Geneva; Tide Responds after Teenagers Eat Laundry Pods; "Impossible Burger" Targets Meat Eaters. Boone Pickens Calls Time on Legendary Career; Right Name, Wrong Book Becomes Surprise Best Seller. Aired 4-5p ET • Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500 Close at New Highs; Tax Bill Means Short-Term Pain for Some Firms; Europe Rewrites Financial Rules; Fed Weighs Up Trumps Tax Bill; How to Keep New Year's Resolutions. Aired 4-5p ET • Chinese Stocks Suffer Steep Drop; High Hopes for Zimbabwe's New Leader; No Dialogue between GCC Countries on Oil Policy; Dollar Falls on Weak Inflation Fears; Search for Argentine Navy Sub in Critical Phase; Schulz Asked to Reconsider Alliance with Merkel; Aired 4-5p ET • Euphoria In Zimbabwe After Mugabe Resigns; U. Markets Close At Record Highs; Meg Whitman To Step Down As Hewlett Packard CEO; DOJ: AT&T- Time Warner Deal Would Harm Competition; Trump: AT&T-Time Warner Deal, "Not Good For The Country".Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Under Pressure Amid Racism Row; Facebook Shares Slide After News Feed Tweak; U. Aired 4-5p ET • Walmart Raises Minimum Wage; Farage Hints at Second Brexit Referendum; Hundreds Arrested in Tunisia Austerity Demos; i Phone Designer Concerned Over Smartphone Addiction; Kenya Airways Launches Nairobi-New York Flights. Aired 4-5p ET • Donald Trump Mixes Oval Office with Corner Office; Business Leader Battle Trump Over Climate Change; Will.Says Trump Showed Wrong Kind of Leadership; Trump Replaces Yellen with Powell at Fed; Bostic Says Americans Fear Automation's Effect on Jobs; CPJ Director Says Public Must Stand Up for Free Press; • U. Stocks Smash Records in 2017; Bitcoin Goes Mainstream; Entrepreneur Spurs Cyber Revolution in Nigeria; Key Issues Unresolved as Brexit Looms; Holiday Music Turns Shoppers Sour; "The Grand Tour"; Interview with Satya Nadella; Smart Clothing Promises to Ruin Paparazzi Photos; World's Longest Flight. Aired 4-5p ET • Mugabe Faces Military Ultimatum; 21st Century Fox Shares Rally as Bidders Circle; Saudi Tourism Boss Plans Travel Overhaul; Libya Launches a Slavery Investigation; Movie Companies Hope to Overcome Saudi Cinema Ban. to Cut Maximum Stake on Fixed Odds Betting Machines; U. Aired: 4-5p ET • Stock Market Streak Comes To A Roaring Halt, Boeing And Airbus, Both Claimed Victory In Their Battle Over Subsidies, Iran's Central Bank Is Hit With New Us Sanctions, North Korea Is Warning The United States Over Its Forthcoming Summit Between Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un, The Question Of Customs Union Or Not; Palestinians Gather to Bury Protesters Killed by Israeli Troops; North Korea Warns U. Over Trump-Kim Summit; Trump's CIA Pick Wins Support in Nomination Fight; Sichuan Airlines Pilot Says Co-Pilot Got Sucked Halfway Out of Cockpit Window; WTO Rules EU Unfairly Propped Up Airbus; U. and UAE Resolve Gulf Carriers Dispute; Tom Wolfe, Author Who Satirized Wall Street Dies; TMZ: Meghan Markle's Father Changes His Mind, Wants to Attend Daughter's Wedding. Aired 4-5p ET • French Oil Tank, Total, Is Ready To Pull Out Of Iran; Donald Trump Is Sending More Mixed Messages Over ZTE; Investors Are Scrambling For A Piece Of The Blockchain Bonanza; The Permian Basin Down There Over The West Side Of Texas Has Become A Victim Of Its Own Success; International Outcry Over Sudanese Woman's Death Sentence; U. Still Hopeful Donald Trump will Get His Summit with Kim Jong-un after North Korea Threatens to Pull Out; Melania Trump Tweets She's Feeling Great After Surgery; U. Lords Defeat PM Theresa May Over Brexit Again; Speculation Mounts Over Royal Honeymoon Destinations; Facebook CEO to Meet European Parliament Members.

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