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There are some scientists that believe that the original carbon dating studies were flawed and that they should be repeated.

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For a more comprehensive list of[Right: Stevenson & Habermas' "Verdict on the Shroud" (1981), my first Shroud book, which began the process of persuading me that the Shroud is authentic.] Shroud-related books see Shroud.com's "Shroud of Turin Booklist." I have included a link to Amazon.com's (or other booksellers') listing of each book, where available. L., 1998, "The Turin Shroud and the Crystal Lens: Testament to a Lost Technology," Empowerment Technologies: Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Anonymous, 1983, "Le linceul de Turin," Fêtes et saisons, No. Antonacci, M., 2000, "The Resurrection of the Shroud: New Scientific, Medical and Archeological Evidence," M. B [top]Badde, P., 2012, "The True Icon: From the Shroud of Turin to the Veil of Manoppello," [2010], Miller, M. Balossino, N., "The image on the Shroud: Results of Photography and Information Technology," Neame, A., transl., St Pauls: Ireland, 1998. Louis Missouri, June 22-23, 1991, The Man in the Shroud Committee of Amarillo, Texas: Amarillo TX. Cassanelli, A., 2002, "The Holy Shroud," Williams, B., transl., Gracewing: Leominster UK. J., ed., 1993, "Alpha to Omega: Studies in Honor of George John Szemler," Ares Publishers: Chicago IL.*Cheshire, G. Schiatti, L., 1998, "The Shroud: A Guide to the Reading of an Image Full of Mystery," St Pauls: Staten Island NY.

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