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You may also hear it referred to by the government as a disaster supplies kit.

Once the immediate emergency and accompanying danger have passed, food, fuel, and other supplies could be disrupted for several weeks or months.

Most people will not have room to store more than two weeks of water per person.

This includes drinking water and water needed for sanitation, like brushing your teeth.

A 16-year-old active boy is very likely going to eat more than a petite lady who is 86.

That simple calculation is the best food storage calculator you can use.

We tend to talk about food storage as if it is just one broad category when in reality it should be divided into three distinctly different groupings.

Also, if you buy the food from the Church in its packaging, it will be in safe and suitable containers for long-term storage.

This takes a lot of the guesswork and stress out of what can be a significant stressor.

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