Other states may select to operate a comprehensive program, which includes all types of analyses for all types of media (i.e., hazardous waste, waste water, drinking water, air, soil, etc.) under the five EPA regulatory programs [i.e., Clean Air Act (CAA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)].There is no requirement that a state incorporate any particular portion of the possible scope into its program.Developing and implementing a comprehensive and innovative accreditation system for the teaching qualification of "Trainers for Adults of non-formal education", including the unification of registers in operation, responds to new social, economic and educational needs: EOPPEP is in close cooperation with KEMEA for the certification of "private security personnel".In this direction, the new speciality for "Private security personnel" has been legislated (Government Official Gazette 1715/) and is addressed to compulsory education graduates (lower secondary education graduates) and entails a six-month vocational training programme attendance accompanied by the accreditation exam procedure for the certification award.Hospital (US)The validating process which determines whether a hospital meets a series of standards of quality in terms of physical plant, administration, and professional staffing.

The party must then meet the standards set by a Royal College in a particular specialty—for example, services providing electroconvulsive therapy must meet the standards set by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.Each Accreditation Body must adopt and adhere to this principle as a condition of membership in NELAP.In accepting the accreditation status of a laboratory through recognition, the Accreditation Body assumes accreditation responsibilities as a secondary accreditation body.ILLINOIS Agency: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency NELAP Representative: Ms.Celeste Crowley Telephone: 217/785-5163 E-mail: [email protected]: us/labs/Fields of Accreditation: view in LAMS Accrediting to 2003 NELAC Standard as of February 2013 KANSAS Agency: Kansas Department of Health & Environment NELAP Representative: Mr.

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