Adult theater chat room

If, on the other hand," I continued, "you want to limit access, wear pants"."Mmmmm," she replied and I went into the next room, to the bar, to mix us some drinks.

When I returned with the drinks I saw, with great pleasure, that the decision had been made.

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Beginning about fifteen years ago, Jeena and I started to visit adult theaters to watch and be watched, and sometimes a lot more.

The rules vary, and there are big differences from state to state and theater to theater as to what is allowed and what you can get away with that isn't allowed officially.

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We started going to a "couples only" theater on the north side of town.

" she asked with her face twisted to the side in thought, holding up first one garment, then another.

Thinking she was asking a practical question, I replied, "Well, if you want to really attract guys, show a lot of skin.

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