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A filter is represented by a string of the form: [’) is encountered.

The name and arguments of the filter are optionally preceded and followed by a list of link labels.

For example, consider the following string to be embedded in the drawtext filter description needs to be escaped).

Finally an additional level of escaping is needed when writing the filtergraph description in a shell command, which depends on the escaping rules of the adopted shell. For the filters supporting timeline editing, this option can be set to an expression which is evaluated before sending a frame to the filter.

A first level escaping affects the content of each filter option value, which may contain the special character used by the filtergraph description.

A sequence of filterchains is represented by a list of ";"-separated filterchain descriptions.

For example in the filterchain the split filter instance has two output pads, and the overlay filter instance two input pads.

The first output pad of split is labelled "L1", the first input pad of overlay is labelled "L2", and the second output pad of split is linked to the second input pad of overlay, which are both unlabelled.

A filtergraph is considered valid if all the filter input and output pads of all the filterchains are connected.

Libavfilter will automatically insert scale filters where format conversion is required.

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