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In 2012, she resurrected her acting career in Channel 4’s Shameless, playing the unmarried hairdresser, Gloria.* Michael Aherne, 50 Played: Steven Clifford, piano The only member of the original cast who has not pursued a career in showbusiness, Aherne returned to his job as a civil engineer the Monday after finishing filming.But she found the experience dispiriting and admitted later that all she really wanted was to “go home and see my mother in Ireland”.Although there were a few acting roles in the years that followed, including Julie Mitchell in the ITV drama Doc Martin, Ball eventually settled in London with her long-term partner, Patrice Gueroult, and concentrated on bringing up their two children.He is now the head of transport development at Ireland’s National Transport Authority and organised the Dublin City Cycle in 2005.

The band enjoyed success in Ireland in the early 2000s, but Hansard’s life changed substantially in 2006, when his low-budget musical film about an Irish busker who falls in love with a Czech immigrant became a worldwide hit.

The Audience was nominated for a number of Olivier Master Card Awards on Tuesday, including best new play, best actress, best director, best costume and best supporting actor for Richard Mc Cabe’s study of Harold Wilson.

He’s taking a pre-arranged break from playing Zac, the energetic choreographer in A Chorus Line at the London Palladium, to perform a week’s cabaret residency for Live At The Hippodrome (the old Talk Of The Town) from April 22 through April 27.

He’s calling his Hippodrome sessions Dames ’n’ Dudes and he’ll sing songs associated with Kate Bush, David Bowie, Bruno Mars, Jacques Brel, Fleetwood Mac and others.

Partridge has hand-picked his own five piece band for the show.

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