I guess the three other guys in the circle holding their dicks were pissing too."There's a website where (I know Australian, but possibly global) meeting places (or "beats") are discussed, shared, and even given ratings.

When I first moved into the area, I was advised against riding in that park alone--not that anyone would bug me, just that it was kind of creepy. I was very relieved, because there were guys there who were actively cruising, and I definitely felt uncomfortable.I have heard some interesting stories about police who volunteer to work those areas at night, and let's just say they don't arrest every guy they meet.SNIP It just doesn't seem right that gay males would be more inclined to go find anonymous sex than straight males would, and that the best place they can think to go is a public park.(Yes, I know how they decide.) Usually it is an increase in complaints from the public. In this instance I thought the response was a bit outlandish - the published the offenders' names and cities and listed the criminal charges on the front page of the local paper. I don't know whether publishing the names and addresses was anti-gay or not, but it's a possibility.I'd like to know if they've published the names of people guilty of other types of "sex crimes," like prostitution. Is this really something that is common in the gay male community, or do straight folks do it to and it just doesn't get publicized/eradicated?

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