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Of these seven skeletons still held collagen and could be 14C dated.Four of these probably fell before the official date of the Christianisation of Denmark c. Two of these early graves were furthermore dated to the 9th century.The date at which it was composed is a firm terminus ante quem for the entry of the Vedic Aryans into India.They may have come from abroad or they may have been fully native, but by the time of the Rg-Veda, they were certainly Indians without memory of a foreign homeland.The most explicit chronology would be provided by astronomical markers of time.

Before rebuilding took place, the site was excavated.In a rather shoddy way, Friedrich Max Müller launched the hypothesis that the Rg-Veda had to be dated to about 1200 BC, and eventhough he later retracted it, that arbitrary guess has become the orthodoxy.It is forgotten too often that in his own day, other scholars rejected this extremely late date on a variety of grounds.On the north of these, the early market town was located.The southern one – the present centre of the town – had until recently been considered uninhabited until the 11th century.

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