Are blue eyes intimidating what is validating parking

” let’s introduce each other first” she held his wrist in order to make him sit again but her hand sprinked back as he was tooo cold. Yeah she is really tempting for him but she can’t initiate its him who will start if he really want to touch her. He started walking but stopped listening her voice ” what’s your name?? ” Sanskar” he mumbled unknowingly looking at her cute face. Sanskar signed and closed the door entering inside. ” but he didn’t asked my name” her mind alerted her.

” He didn’t answered and again started moving ” plzz tell ” she almost pleaded closing her eyes. ” I should also introduce myself” she started bagging at the door of guest room. ” first open the door then I will tell” she behaved childishly.

She looked at him from toe to head and here her beautiful hazel doe eyes met his eyes NO NO “INTIMIDATING EYES” She skipped her heartbeat while looking him shamelessly without blinking her eyes. ” Her brows lifted little ” Same you were doing” his dark red lips parted to say these words which made swara hell embarrassed as he is right. But again she is not at fault if a man will be handsome to extreme how can her eyes stop staring him.

” what the f**k were you doing for this much time?? Swara got scared and she immediately closed the door. ” may i get a room” he got up from sofa looking around. ” don’t touch me again” he warned Swara nodded gulping her saliva.

Jibril’s eyes are a magnificent combination of colors and shapes.

She has dark purple pupils with sparkling golden irises surrounded by purple rings.

Swara was shocked with his sudden action but the thing is she is shivering as her petite figure is pressed by his ice cold body.

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Swara felt dizzy firstly bcoz of his coldness and secondly pleasure yes she was enjoying it. Kindly share your views you can criticise but don’t bash. She has asked from long time so I don’t want to delay. His fair complexion is glowing in the dark and his intimidating eyes OMG enough to kill anyone. ” I have an idea” she said slowly to herself and ran to drawer opening it and taking out one coin. I know I have many stories but this one I had written for my dearest friend depuuuu(Ndsg). He is injured as blood was oozing from the corner of his lips. He signed in little relief as he came in deserted area feeling safe.He frustratedly open the door and she immediately came inside.” why you were not opening the door I was….” Her words stuck somewhere as she saw sanskar opening his torn black shirt revealing his well build manly chest.

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