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So then what’s the point of signing up for e From what I’ve written so far in this post, you’re probably of the assumption that I think e is a crappy dating site. is a great place to meet someone in a short period of time.That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s say your first couple of dates from don’t go so well.Yes, there are a few other dating sites worth signing up for, but no sites have done a better job of matching two future love birds together quite like these two sites. Grading the Women We could go on and on about how easy it is to meet someone on either of these sites.But that doesn’t really matter if the women aren’t suitable mates.

Occupation was another factor, but it wasn’t weighted quite so heavily because we realize that just because someone flips burgers for a living, that doesn’t mean she’s a complete moron.

Fortunately, the majority of women on both of these sites appear to be quite positive.

is a better dating site than e, and here’s why…

Do I lose out on meeting more women because of my impatience? is the type of site that is perfect for someone like myself. But when you stack it up against, it doesn’t seem all that great.

I want to meet someone right away and I want her to be a decent woman. On multiple occasions, I’ve met women within a couple of days on On e, I’ve never been able to meet anyone right away. It’s more of a long-term dating site, which is fine for most people. There definitely are many reasons to sign-up for e

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