Black intellectuals dating

Not enough, I wager, but the overt side of racism, the one easily detected by the human eye, can in my opinion almost be confined to history. Is denial of its slave roots also a thing of the past?

Well, it was the first city council to unreservedly apologise for the role the city played.

Partly due to his underprivileged background, he is an idol in his home country.

Viv Anderson - Footballer, born 1956 Anderson went down in the history books in 1978 as the first black player to appear in a full international for England.

As expected, Muhammad Ali, Sojourner Truth, Wole Soyinka, Olaudah Equiano, Derek Walcott and so on are all there – and some names I didn't know, such as Gaspar Yanga, the Afro-Mexican slave rebellion leader who established a Maroon colony that lasted 30 years in the 16th century.

But what really caught my eye is the inclusion for the first time in my experience of so many black Britons – role models young people can still access, still converse with.

George Washington Carver - Botanist, 1864-1943 Dubbed a " black Leonardo" by Time magazine, Carver – born into slavery himself – developed revolutionary farming techniques that helped former slaves in Alabama become self-sufficient.Stokely Carmichael - Civil rights activist, 1941-98 Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Carmichael moved to Harlem at 11.He was leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, bringing black students together to protest against segregation.The writer and academic Caryl Phillips, whose plays and novels I would read with awe and fascination while at college. The museum admits that the list is incomplete, and names will be added.Let me offer a few: Baroness Amos, the first black Leader of the House of Lords; the mighty three MPs Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott and Paul Boateng, and the new wave of David Lammy, Adam Afriyie and Dawn Butler, and not forgetting Oona King.

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