Black women and dating 2016

I am one and a half months shy of my first anniversary and I am now as perplexed as other women are around here about the men.

Let me explain this statement for a moment, but first let me state that some of the men here are nice, friendly, and attractive.

I must admit that in the back of my mind I did expect to meet more available men with whom I could hang out with on a deeper level, if not only for good conversation, or something more. Even though Zagreb is a lot bigger than Zadar with about 1 million people, it was a lot harder to meet someone.

I was told that the people in Zadar were different from Zagreb, like a whole other world different. For the first month I didn’t meet anyone so I put myself out there and joined internations and this is where I started meeting people. I became more comfortable with the city and started going to events and out to bars.

Also, like I said before it isn’t like this attitude they have is geared just toward me, it is geared toward most women in my age group who date the men in the same age group.

It is not the opinion of most older men as I have been approached by more men ages 60 and over than any other.

I have danced with plenty of women and even on the regular am called a ‘hot woman’ by my current air bnb host who is in her 60’s.

I have heard this from many sources even including my pet supply friend who begged me not to even try to date a Croatian guy as she was married to one (being Croatian herself).

When I first arrived here I was a little shocked at the lack of ‘color’ in my surroundings.

I came in from Split and traveled to Zadar by bus, and not once saw any other color.

In fact I have been approached on several occasions which has never happened in the U. The first was in Zadar when a woman leaned over and licked me on the chest while I was dancing and having a good time.

The second was at another club in Zagreb where a girl kept staring at me then boldly came over and kissed me (on the cheek).

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