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I simply selected the ones that I thought are most useful to you, and as such I omitted all dissertations since they are often very focused on just one particular matter and too academic for most people to enjoy.Moreover, I dismissed a few titles that I don’t think are worth reading and sorted out others that were too specialized.If you can get your hand on one of these, grab it and if you don’t like it, you can always sell it to us.Small British clothing guide with interesting tidbits and tables about what to wear on what occasion. I consider it to be a must have because Alan Flusser probably sold the most books worldwide about men’s fashion, and although not his first book, this one is the foundation of his fame. Old British book about how to get rid of stains and dirt as well as how to rejuvenate fabrics.Big Italian coffee table book about male elegance that provides an interesting Italian perspective that American / English speaking natives usually don’t have.This 206-page guide from the 1990’s is aimed at businessmen who wish to dress for success.

For nice to have or niche books, we try to explain who the book is for.At times, this book can cost over 00 but sometimes you can find it for 0. Fashion dictionary including designers, some tailors and garments but not complete and clearly inferior to the German fashion dictionary by Ingrid Loschek.Unfortunately, there is nothing better, which is why it is listed here.However, if you think we must have missed something, please let me know, and we might add it if I think it makes sense.To order the book you like from amazon simply click on the link or the cover picture.

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