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Having too many boundaries can confuse the whole family and make it impossible to grow and adapt, so keep it simple.

Here are some examples of boundaries (yours may be different): irresponsible.

For instance, a teen girl should establish her own personal boundaries in regard to her body and not allow others to cross those boundaries with her.

Talk to her about those boundaries, so she solidifies them in her mind before the situation arises.

Contrary to what most moms and dads think, teens really do want rules.

An example of a boundary might be: "We will treat each other with mutual respect." If you believe that respect for one another has merit (I certainly do), then your boundary will include showing respect to those you live with, and teaching family members to respect authority and those outside the family as well.

But another typical boundary, "We will avoid illegal activities," is a lifelong boundary.

It never changes, other than according to changes in the current laws.

Deep down, teens understand this, no matter how much they push against the rules, bend them, break them, and balk at them.

To be effective, rules need to be based on the boundaries you establish in your home, which are even more important and foundational for a child to learn.

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