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For instance, some ports may have some compilation options, and associated files which are only required in such a case.Or they may need some files for some architectures only.Communication makes the difference between a successful port and a port that will slowly be abandoned by everyone. This means that some issues must be taken into account. In Open BSD culture, is something else: a person who assumes responsibility for the working of the port, and is willing to spend some time ensuring it works as best as can be. As a porter, you should keep your base OS, ports tree, and installed packages up to date. Place the most easily accessible first as they are traversed in order.First, look at the porting information on this page. The list below is a useful reminder of things to do. with a list of URLs to the locations where the distfile is kept, BSD/distfiles/ for example. In some cases, for example icinga or darktable, a distribution tar file has been prepared and is available in a /releases/ directory.

By now, you should have a fairly good idea of: In the ideal case, build options will simply create new files, with new dependencies, and not affect other stuff.Many are freely redistributable, but quite a few are not.We need three questions answered to distribute ports properly.If the files exist, display a message that says such-and-such files need to be modified.This also guarantees that the files will be included in the package since everything under is a SHORT one-line description of the port (max. Do NOT include the package name (or version number of the software) in the comment.

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