Bulk updating gem

These stones have inclusions such as Gilalite, Epidote, Pyrite and Rutile.There are also several fine stones of Dendritic Quartz, hosting inclusions of Iron Oxide and Manganese Oxide that make for some very beautiful patterns.We have updated our website with a various selection of fine gemstones from around the world.There are a couple of vibrant, hard to find Liddicoatite Tourmalines from Madagascar, rare orange Fluorites from Brazil, and several other colorful stones.These stones are completely natural, and are some of the most well known and beloved Feldspars from North America.We have updated our website with a page of beautiful Ametrine gems. Please be sure to check out our new fully searchable database feature (click on the Search Site button on the left side of the screen) This update features assorted worldwide rare gems (including a handful cut by members of the family! A wonderful update filled with interesting collector quality rare stones.

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All Silver rings are premium grade & available at bulk discount wholesale pricing.Ametrine is now becoming hard to find due to the fact that the mine is closed.These stones are completely natural, having no treatment whatsoever.We have just updated our website with fine selection of great quality Andesine gemstones.These are very hard to find on the market in this quality.

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