Cage code updating

There can be only one Data Custodian per location unless the location has multiple CAGE codes then each CAGE needs its own different custodian if being certified.(Let’s talk about past policy) Business Description: a proper business description must be included in Block 4.It should describe the nature of your business not why you need the certification.

The responses you provide on this page will be used to complete a new FAR provision (FAR 52.204-17 Ownership or Control of Offeror) which you will certify to in the “Representations and Certifications” section of your entity registration.

The JCP website provides a search function to see if a company is certified and when it expires.

Common Errors in DD Form 2345 Submissions Occur in the following areas: LEGAL NAME: the Block 2 information on the form must exactly match your company’s legal name and address for your Cage Code or NATO Cage Code in BINCS.

No nicknames, acronyms or abbreviations unless they are in your legal name.

Cage Code or NATO Cage Code: failure to obtain a Cage Code or NATO cage Code or to provide it on the form in Block 2D for the location being certified.

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