Cathy nguyen dating gabe bondoc

It's this lack of personal accountability for the role we play in keeping others down that explains why the world is why it is, to be honest.

It's my belief that yes, there are bigger, more common enemies to fight sometimes.

I was also challenged by the change in environment.

Memphis was in a lot of ways what I expected, but it was also in a lot of ways a completely different place than what I had assumed it would be.

Thank you, Memphis, for introducing to so many beautiful things and beautiful people.

I used to blab on a private journal [a big black notebook] but I've gotten tired of keeping everything to myself. If you don't appreciate bluntness and occasional mushiness, get the hell out of my site! So I am forcing myself not to blog about American Idol. Riley and Aidan (boy-girl) and the ever adorable Peyton and Brennan (identical boys). I woke up today and listened to the giggling and laughing and Anyway, trainer Anne and I had a brief facebook chat session earlier this morning and she pointed out that she's in-love with this Gabe Bondoc.

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There's this myth of blamelessness, and it's simply not true or helpful for even the most progressive of us to feel that they have no part in contributing to societal inequity.Jones, the Aurora testing coordinator, and she's shared to me how there's a student that's testing in the 25th percentile because of her receiving poor instruction for the past two years, and how it's evident how trying to keep up can be frustrating, and how the student doesn't pay attention in class simply because sometimes to keep up feels like an impossible task. Jones that care about students like this, and for the attention to how we can bring these students up to grade-level.I'm grateful for the commitment of all the staff at Aurora.I think this was one of the most powerful things I've heard this summer.At all levels of our society, there's such an emphasis on what others are doing wrong, and how they should be more like -us-, and it was just so powerful to hear this statement of personal responsibility, accountability, and commitment from the dean.

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