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This episode is with 2 people, and there’s no rose ceremony at the end because Shawn and Nick are the final two.

Episode 9: (airing July 13th) Hometown Dates in Park City, Utah.I might have rolled my eyes a few times and then left them to get on with it, safe in the knowledge she’d emerge into the light, blinking, in eight months time, contrite and full of remorse, blocking him on Facebook with one hand while downing a conciliatory shot of tequila with the other.Please make the changes to your instructable and then republish it and I will be happy to remove this comment, make it public, add it to the burning questions group and send you a t-shirt.Actually knew about it two weeks ago which was when I started telling you they did things different this season.UPDATE JUNE 24th: The group date is Nick, Shawn, and Joe and Killarney National Park.

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