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Writing and Tracking Test Cases The goal of test case Planning, Test case planning overview, test design, test cases, test procedures, test case organization & tracking.

Examining the Code Static White Box Testing: Examining the design and code, Formal Review: - Peer Review, Walkthroughs, Inspections. Compatibility Testing Compatibility Testing Overview, Platform and Application Versions, Backward and forward compatibility, the impact of testing multiple versions. UML – Structural Modeling and Use Cases 4.1 Class Diagram and Advanced Class Diagrams: - Advanced Classes and Relationships, Interfaces, Types and Roles, Packages, Instances. 4.2 Use case diagram: Terms and Concepts, Modeling techniques. Standards and Guidelines: - High-Level standards and Guidelines, Low- level standards and Guidelines, Data Sharing Compatibility. UML Behavioral Modeling 5.1 Interaction diagram-Sequence and collaboration diagram: Terms and Concepts, Modeling techniques. Types of Business •Service •Manufacturing •Trade 1.2. Industrial sectors •Introduction to •Engineering Industry •Process Industry •Textile Industry •Chemical Industry •Agro Industry 1.3 Globalization •Introduction •Advantages & disadvantages w.r.t India 1.4 Intellectual Property Rights I( I P R ) •Concept •Types of IPR Management Process 2.1 What is Management? 2.4 Component based programming -Working with Private assembly, shared assembly.

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