Chris brown rihanna dating pics

choking her while another person attempted to intervene.

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But in all likelihood, this is just Chris complimenting an ex he's been broken up with for years. That doesn't mean Chris is “Chris is furious over the latest Rihanna pregnancy rumors,” a source close to Brown tells Hollywood Life.

“Every time Chris hears about Rihanna possibly being pregnant, he gets really bothered and totally freaks out." It seems like Chris gets bothered and freaks out pretty much any time anything happens, so we suppose it's not shocking that he flipped when he heard that Rihanna might be pregnant.

Amid his new legal woes - getting arrested for assault with a deadly weapon against Baylee Curran - it's near impossible to think otherwise.

Rihanna partied with her new boyfriend and the old one who beat her.

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It left harbor right around the time you brutally beat Rihanna and she fled the relationship in fear for her life. But like a bikini trying to contain her boobs -- IG couldn't stop Ri Ri ...and she just posted the banned nudes on Twitter instead. Actually, the two of them broke up several times, but it was the revelation that Chris had a secret daughter from a previous relationship that finally pushed Karrueche over the edge.We guess finding out the person you've been dating for years has been living a double-life the whole time is a deal-breaker for some folks.

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