Conversation starters for teenagers dating

Soft drinks, cakes, cookies, ice cream, flavored yogurt, and many cereals have added sugar. Smoking hookah originated in Asia and the Middle East hundreds of years ago.

The traditions have slowly made their way to America. People are aware of the dangers of cigarette use, but often underestimate the potential harm of chewing tobacco.

If you could live in any video game, which one would you live in? If you were president, what is the first thing you would do?

Game Day Conversations Sports are an excellent way to support young people in staying active and being connected to a social circle outside of their schools.

Adults, such as coaches or guardians, are in a unique place to help young people gain perspective and build personal character while playing sports.

Would you ever send somebody naked pictures of yourself?

i MOM’s Teen Talk 1.0 family conversation starters will help you get a great two-way conversation going with your son or daughter.

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