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The Soweto riots were followed by continuous unrest: students and workers in the townships of every province boycotted schools, universities and workplaces, and the regime was hard put to restore the Apartheid order.

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Drawing from the Fanonian tradition, Black Consciousness added to the South African landscape an analysis and characterisation of racism as “discrimination by a group against another for purpose of subjugation or maintaining subjugation”[iv].One of the most significant of these was the power to curtail freedom of speech and the publication of material it deemed subversive.By 28 October the government enforced the Newspaper and Imprint Registration Act no 19, a version of an earlier act that required that all newspapers be registered and conform to a strict code of conduct.Newspapers were also required to lodge a large amount of money (in the region of R40000) as a deposit before they could publish.The move was essentially a means to ensure that newspapers toed the line and regulated themselves, lest they be banned.

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