Cyber dating net

Whilst fighting them, Aiba arrives and confronts Mepishto for account stealing.

She wears black sunglasses with pink lenses, a collar, and a white T-shirt with long sleeves and red buttons.

Keisuke and Ryuji arrive, only to see "another hacker" had got their before them and leave dejected at not getting there in time.

is an evil Hacker group led by Jimmy KEN, and formed primarily of former Zaxon members. After being defeated multiple times, Jimmy Ken goes into hiding, which allows K to take control of the group. At some point, K contacted Keisuke Amazawa and accused Shiga of being the one who stole his account.

After Keisuke and Date track down Mysterious Digital Face, the Face claims that Date is a terrible cop compared to Matayoshi, the person he wanted to fall into his fake treasure trap.

Lopmon gets angry, stating that Date is amazing and helped her not to be scared of humans, and digivolves to Antylamon (Good) in order to fight.

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