Darryl stephens dating jensen atwood

His hair seems to be about the same texture and density of mine and I'd love to get my curls to coil like his.

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I have a little disbelief really that we've come as far as we have," the actor told me.Now, we're five years down the line from when we first started ' Noah's Arc,' so if this is the end, I couldn't imagine a better way to end it," he said.There could always be a ' Noah's Arc: The Divorce' if this film performs well, right? But beyond ' Noah's Arc,' Atwood is eager to expand and take on new Characters. "Whatever that brings me, and hopefully its diverse roles like I've already been able to play.Either way, it's a good thing forward-thinking director and co-writer Patrik-Ian Polk set the wedding of Noah and Wade in picturesque Martha's Vineyard - far away from the complications of Proposition 8 and the series' usual Los Angeles setting.Perhaps that will shield their nuptials from the threat of eventual invalidation at the hands of a hostile electorate.

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