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The information about Howard and Sons is copyright from 1997 and later.Any attempts to copy or publish our hard earned research without prior written consent will be dealt with as extremely serious plagiarism in the harshest possible way © Hares Antiques 1997-2018 Swipe through these ten photos to see how badly an upholsterer ruined this lovely one hundred year old ball and claw foot Grafton chair made by Howard and Sons of Berners Street in London. Luckily this chair will now be lovingly restored by the experts - but in the meantime, ten minutes with the scissors removing the foam made so much difference!Some of these methods were decidedly eighteenth century and must have made Howard and Son's upholstery much more expensive than that of other contempory makers.Features such as tenon jointed frames, a hard stitched front edge (instead of a sprung front) and beautifully smooth and chamfured birchwood frames mean that sofas and chairs made by Howard and Sons are not just comfortable, but also extremely hard wearing.For the 30 years that Hares Antiques has been specialising in armchairs and settees made by Howard and Sons they have become rarer and more sought after, increasing in value every year.

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Howard and Sons had the Royal Warrant and supplied several Royal residences with many items of antique furniture, most frequently of course with upholstery.

Although Howard and Sons supplied almost any item for the nineteenth century house and were renowned for their excellent build quality and superb finishing in all areas of chattels and interior decorating, it is their upholstered furniture for which the company is now so famous.

Much of the furniture made by Howard and Sons was made to order and therefore the sizes can vary.

The sizes given for each item are intended as a guideline only.

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