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The American Indian did not follow Grotius or Vattel's rules on the proper limits of warfare.The Indians had no international aristocracy, no conventions, and had a code of warfare of their own.In marching through woods one thousand of these riflemen would cut to pieces ten thousand of your best troops.[15][E]verybody here was a bit of a soldier, none completely so.

An armed and active citizenry was an English institution because the maintenance of order was everyone's business.The French and Indian War introduced the English to an unaccustomed kind of warfare.The French and their Indian guerrillas did not restrict their full-scale war to pitched battles, but also utilized the ambush and hit-and-run techniques,[26] which have become the hallmark of modern guerrilla warfare.Boyle and Scott, merchants in Glasgow, is instructive on the defensive pistol-carrying habits of civilians.[20] As it is sometimes dangerous in traveling through our wooden Country Particularly at this time when the Planters are pressed for old Ballances, we find it necessary to carry with us some defensive Weapons, for that purpose, you'll be pleased to send us by some of the first Ships for this River a pair of Pistols about 30/ [shillings] Price.Let them be small, for the convenience of carrying in a side Pockett, and as neat as the Price will admit of.

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