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(We all do; that's why an hour felt like "forever" as a little kid and now, if you have to leave in an hour, you feel like that's not enough time to start doing anything -- we view time subjectively in proportion to how much life we've experienced) "We’ve had adventures. And now for the gushing: "I love you more than anything! " Not every nickname has a story to go with it, but we'd love to know if there's one for Ariel. We hope that Levi's role in the new serves him well.

He probably won't be front-and-center with John Boyega, but it could be a real career boost. sometimes, when a couple's dynamic changes because the less famous member of the relationship's career takes off, it can upset the balance that they had and lead to a breakup. It appears that Chris Pratt's success ruined his marriage to Anna Faris. But for right now, we can all just be happy for Ariel and Levi and the place where they are in their lives.

"Ariel is one of those rare individuals who has a rich entrepreneurial track record as well as a disciplined approach to execution and management, making him a perfect fit for Ok Cupid." "Ok Cupid provides a truly unique user experience based on helping people connect on what really matters," says Charytan.

"These principles resonate now more than ever, so it's an incredibly exciting time to be joining the team." About Ariel: Ariel Charytan joins Ok Cupid from Audible, an Amazon company where he served as SVP. Charytan has spent his career building and fostering media, CRM, online travel and telecom businesses.

Meaden, who said Winter visited him in Australia and China while shooting the film, explained the meaningful tattoos they have for one another.

The actor showed off the ink on his finger of a jar reading "PB," which stands for peanut butter, his nickname for Winter."Well, I'm not sure how it came about, but she has 'Cheese' on her finger and she says, 'It's a messed-up sandwich that works,'" Meaden shares. Now, everyone thinks it doesn't, but if you try it -- depending on the cheese -- it's really good."'s 200th episode, when she gushed about Meaden.“I knew there was something about him from the moment I met him, honestly,” she said of the actor.

Levi shared those photos, too -- and the one that we have up top, as a bonus.

Obviously, he also posted a moving tribute for their one-year dating anniversary: "I can’t believe it’s been a year." Well, he's 30, so with more than one-third more life experience than Ariel, he would perceive the passage of time as going faster than she does. I never imagined I’d be this happy." That almost sounds like an exhausting amount of "adventuring" for one year, but traveling the world is different when you're in love.

The 2011–2012 season of Flying Wild Alaska depicted Ariel taking flight training to earn her pilot's ...

We all saw Ariel Winter get into the Halloween spirit ... Halloween is a fun time, and she ended up pulling off a number of different costumed looks.

Well, now it's November, and she's celebrating something that's a lot more special: her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Levi Meaden.

Previously he was the co-founder and CPO of, an online hotel review and price comparison site.

Oyster was financed by Bain Capital Ventures and Scripps, and acquired by Trip Advisor (TRIP).

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