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is HHA8078 AMO is 62" Weight is 38#@28" It's the Hunter model It's a beautiful thing..don't think it was ever shot!

Crookedcreek - Just guessing without seeing it, but I would say your Hunter is probably an '88 model.

If the limbs are straight and there are no cracks or delaminations, I'd shoot it--there's lots of old Pearson bows still going strong.

If there's any question, get someone who knows what they are doing to look at it, and if there's any doubt I'd just hang it on the wall rather than risk loosing it alltogether.

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Howattman Freddy, If it has a thin accent stripe down the center of the riser, it's a 1987; If not, it's a '77.

As you know, Sovereig was one of Pearsons lines of bows along with Locksly and Ben Pearson.

The Sovereigns were generally the higher end of the Pearson family.

I've seen Palomino bows like that wood - I can tell you that the Lord Mercury bows, upper line Sovereign bows etc all had incredible woods in the risers.

That bow you have is ultra cool IMO because its old, and clean -but its likely not a highly collectible bow. String it and shoot it - as LBR about string choices, he'll get you set up right.

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