Dating denmark man

Are you spending your Saturday nights at home alone, while your chums are raving with their dates?Would you like to share some romantic moments with that special someone that could awaken your interest in life again?This is due to a change in the Danish marriage law in 2006. We have had couples from all over the world, including some who have had lost documents or other problems. The only country which has a problem (and that’s with any marriage overseas, not Denmark in particular) is Laos.Other than that the only real exceptions are asylum-seekers and refugees, who cannot get married here.

In general terms, yes it does, but be careful – this is a complicated issue.

We at Danish Island Weddings have now helped over 2100 couples get married so we have seen most of the issues by now!

The answers to the most asked questions are below – we hope you find the information you are looking for.

It is perfect for couples on their own eloping, or for small parties. However, we can now offer a blessing in one of our 7 beautiful churches. You will get one certificate straight away; it comes already translated into English, German, Spanish, and French.

Based on our experience with around 2100 couples it is worth paying a little more to make a day as special as your wedding something to remember! We then send the second certificate to the Danish Foreign Ministry to get an “apostille” as part of our service to you. How long do we have to stay if we book through Danish Island Weddings? We accept all credit cards online with Pay Pal (but that is an expensive solution).

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