Dating dietz lanterns

Other models are geared to provide the maximum amount of light possible.

Each unique model can fit the needs of a customer in a variety of ways.

This can be very beneficial for the organization as it allows them to gather a large customer base.

It is also very valuable to their customers, who have a solid choice in an industry with few options.

You can read the Dietz Lantern lighting and care instructions.

Our Dietz® brand replacement globes are heat-treated and designed for long lasting service.

Each style of Dietz Lantern is developed with a specific application in mind.

The top and base are also shown below the complete lantern. Today's railroadiana collectors keep that history alive by maintaining and restoring the Dietz lanterns that were once a vital part of the North American railroad scene.Outdoor camping trips can be illuminated and decorative rooms with a classical feel can be complemented by these unique Dietz Lanterns.Antique Lamp Supply offers a wide array in order to help customers easily acquire these unique and stylish models.Among the tall-globe lantern styles produced by Dietz were the "#39" and "#39 Standard", distinguished by a bellbottom base, the "#39 Vulcan", distinguished by round wires for the verticals, the "#39 Steel Clad", distinguished by flat verticals made of steel plate, and the "#6", a lantern that took a special size globe. Examples and discussion of these models are presented below. The "39" and its successor, the "#39 Standard", appeared to be the Dietz Company's line of brakemen's lanterns with a bellbottom-base.The company also made a short, squat model called the "X. The "#39" was introduced in 1887 according to Barrett and was succeeded by the "#39 Standard" which was in production from around the turn of the 20th century to the 1940's.

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