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My whole family is engineers and it's just become a family personality. Looks like most people have covered the "be direct", "no bullshit". One can never be too sure, because horses are expensive. Hell, a lot of the time the best thing is, "just go to sleep and we won't care anymore in the morning." Imagine your livelihood is all about problem solving.

We are raised to think like engineers because we are all engineers. and "will argue about the smallest things."I would say mostof all, specifics matter. We are smart, but we may not think of things you would assume are obvious. We correct one another over small things all the time. No wonder it's hard for us to just drop it with no "solution".

They're still a person but understand they have an enormous amount of homework and offer to do homework or study together. We will all give answers to the same problem, none of them will align, and we all think we are correct so the argument will go on for years. Just remember, engineers are people too, so beat them with a stick if you need to get your point across.

Sometimes they haven't and then it can still be perceived as interruption.

Tiny little inaccuracies that don't even effect our ability communicate the idea. But I'd say most of all, it's all about the person.

You'll meet engineers who are socially inept stereotypes, you'll meet some that are in touch with their emotions.

Would need some statistical data to determine that. Assuming the engineer is a man - all men love to have their accomplishments recognized. And expect that he'll try to teach you how things work and why. When you re in an argument, don''t use opinions.

If you don't show interest, he'll be confused and saddened. Come up with clear and concise facts to make your point. " "WIFE' S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW INSERT CHOCOLATE AND NICE LETTER OR DIE!

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