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While it is true that almost all juvenile correctional facilities have gang/STG problems, the deadlier version of gang conflict is found in the adult system.The adult portion of the American gang/STG problem therefore reflects a higher level of threat.As any projected westwards continuation of the boundary might continue up to the Inner Study Area boundary, perhaps utilising the line of the Day Sike as part of the boundary circuit, this area of the Inner Study Area was subject to detailed walkover.Although some features were located in this part of the Inner Study Area, no features similar in character to the White Dyke were found.It focuses on the adult portion of American corrections and includes both county jails and state prisons as the unit of analysis.Adult corrections reflects the more serious side of gang/STG problems in America today.These connect the valleys south of the Inner Study Area, via the uplands, to the valley of the Allan Water at the northern edge of the Middle Study Area; one (A12) runs through the centre One can see how Braidlie near where INFINIS (now Muirhall) the Windy Edge (Braidlie-Hermitage Castle) wind farm is planned for.Though Windy Edge is the name of the wind farm, one would think that a large corporation such as INFINIS in their own report since the name of their wind farm is Windy Edge they would have at least a paragraph on it, and more on Braidlie which is very much closer to the planned location of the Windy Edge wind farm.

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Both types of facilities have similar needs and functions when it comes to gang/STG intelligence.Generally, any gang problem found in jails is also found in prisons.Jails are for persons awaiting trial, while prisons are for sentenced prisoners.The features within this area consist of a small enclosure containing rig and furrow, two sections of bank, a possible small platform and several areas of quarrying (Figure 9.1: A4, A5, A6, A7 & A8).Most of these features are likely to be of medieval or early post-medieval date.9.4.10 The medieval settlement of Sundhope (Figure 9.1: A14) lies mostly outwith the Inner Study Area, to the north-east of the present farmstead of the same name.

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