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If daily losses are greater than this, gradual thinning occurs, especially in later life when hair growth also slows.

After the resting phase, the follicle may reactivate to produce a new hair, but this cycle does not repeat indefinitely.

A few lucky individuals will retain a full head of long, thick hair – although the hair they wear may not be their own!

The good news is that several diet and lifestyle changes can help your hair grow more thickly.

Pale melanin, which is concentrated in the spongey core of the hair shaft, rather than the outer cortex, causes your natural color to be more honeyed or blonde.

Hair turns grey due to an age-related decrease in the activity of an enzyme called tyrosinase.

This is especially common during times of emotional and physical shock.

On average, each hair follicle reactivates around 25 times before it switches off, or produces hair that is increasingly wispy and short.

The way your hair changes with age depends partly on the genes you have inherited.

Although hair is a non-living structure, the follicles that produce it contain some of the most active cells in your body.

As hair is not an essential structure, however, nutrients that are in short supply are diverted away from the follicles in times of deficiency.

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