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About 42 kilometers north of Amsterdam on the North Holland Canal - and just eight kilometers from the North Sea - the charming town of Alkmaar boasts many fine architectural monuments and old guild-houses from the 16th to 18th centuries.But the highlight of an excursion to this picturesque town in the province of North Holland is its world famous Cheese Market, one of the best-known tourist attractions in the Netherlands.A highlight of the city's old main square is the 14th-century Grote Kerk (St.

The final piece of this engineering puzzle, the barrier consists of two huge gates capable of closing off the New Waterway when a storm surge threatens.That all changed, however, when the Zuiderzee was cut off from the North Sea to create the Ijsselmeer, the lake that formed as the saltwater gave way to freshwater.The best way to learn more about this fantastic feat is through the Zuiderzee Museum.The area is known as the Netherlands' "bulb belt," and Keukenhof itself covers an area of more than 70 acres.This picture-perfect landscape once formed the kitchen garden (or "keuken") of a large country estate, much of it now consisting of restaurants, patios, and exhibitions, along with more than 700 varieties of tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, and daffodils.

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    Baptists Split over Slavery The American Baptist Missionary Union, (now the American Baptist Convention) split over slavery and the Southern Baptist Convention is formed. , February 15, 1851, “The laws of the land recognize slavery, we do not wish to oppose the laws of the country.”…”Our counsel to all our ministers in the North and South is; to avoid contention upon the subject, and to oppose no institution which the laws of the country authorize; but to labor to bring men into the Church and Kingdom of God, and teach them to do right, and honor their God in His creatures.” Slavery Made Legal in Utah Several unique provisions are included which terminate the owners contract in the event that the master had sexual intercourse with a servant “of the African race,” neglected to feed, clothe, shelter, or otherwise abuse a servant, or attempt to take him from the territory against his will.