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Some of these factors include patient age, history of morning sickness, anxiety before chemotherapy and anticipatory N&V.

A 55 year-old man shooting blanks who really wants to impregnate his young girlfriend or wife can very easily do so with procedures such as in vitro.

Realizing this potential is, in large part, dependent upon how well biosimilars are understood by healthcare providers, patients and payers.

Significant advances in technology, analytics and manufacturing of biologic medicines has kept pace over the decades.

Patients with NETs do not have a clear path of care in their cancer journey, therefore the multidisciplinary team approach is important to providing support and building patient and family resilience.

Learning Objectives: Subcutaneous formulations in oncology have the potential to provide comparable efficacy, PK & safety demonstrated by IV formulations and offer convenience for patients and oncology health care professionals.

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