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For example, why don't you believe there is a tiny teapot orbiting between the Earth and Mars? OK, I now agree with this statement from your first post - clearly we're not going to get anywhere with this argument!

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Hanc marginis exiguitas non caperet." In reply to Coel Hellier: Gordon's hit the nail on the head, you're all really rather ill-educated oafs.

Horses and rabbits use enlarged appendices/caecae, blind sacs of gut branching of at the boundary between small and large intestine.

Problem is, the large intestine that follows normally can´t resorb the nutrients that are released by the symbionts.

That's fairly typical for Gordon, he loves making vague innuendos and allusions to things while avoiding saying anything of substance or backed by an argument.

This will be followed by bemoaning the standard of debate of such topics, while avoiding any attempts to discuss anything seriously.

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