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In many other cases the etymology is not given either, but the origin of the respec- X tive word is referred to by such vague terms as 'of uncertain etymology', or 'probably of Orien- tal origin', etc., whereas their provenance is very well known. Bense, Dictionary of the Low Dutch element in the English Vocabulary. Carnoy, Albert, Dictionnaire etymologique de la mythologie greco-romaine, Louvam. My dictionary contains the ety- mology of several hundred such words. Berneker, E., Slavisches etymologisches Worterbuch, vol. Devic M Dictionnaire etymologique des mots francais derives de l'arabe, Pans, 1876; published also in Supplement to E.

In brief: the words of Semitic origin are treated exactly as the Indo- European words.

May this dictionary, which plastically shows the affinity and interrelationship of the nations of the world in the way in which their languages developed, contribute to bringing them nearer to one another in the sincere pursuit of peace on earth — which was one of my cardinal aims in writing this dictionary. Ernest Klein Introduction Since my youth I have devoted myself to philology, with special regard to etymology.

The reasons inducing me to write 'A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the English Language' may be summed up as follows : It is a well-known fact that in the course of the last sixty years philology has attained a high degree of development.

This project materialized in Toronto where I settled together with my sister Elizabeth and her husband, and where my friends established the congregation Beth Yitshak, which was named after my Father of blessed memory, and chose me for their rabbi.

It was before all my sister who through her selfless love and infinite dedication, with which she has taken care of me, made it possible for me to devote my time to my congregation and to writing this dictionary.

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