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“I didn’t tell my parents I was seeing a Jew, I just brought her over.There were a hundred people at the house and eventually they noticed she was there,” he laughed.

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Varda says her country is creeping towards totalitarianism and the family should move abroad, perhaps to Europe or to Canada.

Varda was adamant that her children would have bar or bat mitzvahs but the family mixes Jewish and Muslim traditions at Friday night dinner. The kids go to a mixed Arab-Jewish school but when they are 18 they will be eligible to be conscripted into the military by a state that considers them Jewish because their mother is a Jew.

Both parents are determined their children will not serve in the army and will fight to try to exempt them. “You can’t deny one colour and think you’re making it easier for them.

Going through Israel’s Ben Gurion airport is a “degrading and painful” experience that invariably means extra security searches and questions.

Varda is the more political of the two and in 2014 she took Amer to an anti-racism rally in Jerusalem.

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