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Clearance is vidnication and all chages will be dropped.

If a servic eeprson is confront with an order which they beleiv eis unlawful they cannot not only refuse to obey but must disobey or become a willing aprtner to the crime.

Although I signed up to get it out of the way when there was a draft and I couldn't work, I was in a car accident that caused me to fail the physical, so I've never served in the military. Since the Viet Nam war, the military has been under alot of public scrutiny though, and they don't do it today.

If I did, I hope I'd be morally strong enough to abide by this. "At one time, they did hit soldiers"up intill the late 70's .... In today's armed services.....soldiers are not beat for making a mistake or for not following orders.....

However a service person exercsing tha duty will be arrested and charged with Courtsmartial.

Then a panel of military judges (feild grade officers) will be decide if the order was actually unlawful or not.

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