Dating nigerians in abroad

Anyway I stood there patiently, waiting for a gap in the human wall to open up so that I could at least be served, when the customer service advisor announced that the computer had stopped working and we would all have to wait for the IT technician to come from another branch to fix.

Being from an IT background myself, I offered to, and was able to identify the problem and actually got the issue fixed.

We won't be treated differently because we are poor or not so rich.3. Good roads (I haven't seen a gutter or an open rain drainage in 10 years)5. The last time I was in Nigeria two things happened to remind me of why I'm happy to live away from that country of opportunists 1.

Human Rights (We can take Bill Gates, Rick Ross to court and still win) can you take Dangote to court in Nigeria and win your case ?? There is law and orderliness (You can't use a siren or get preferential treatment because you're rich) you must obey the law or you pay heavily.7. We make good money (A janitor, Bus driver earns what a Nigerian bank manager earn in one month in just 2 weeks9. No jungle justice (You won't be killed and burned for just stealing a car) or getting beat by 100 people because you stole a phone11. Inspiration: Here, you can draw inspiration from your immediate environment. We just arrived at MMIA and we're queuing up to at the immigration/customs desk.

In america, you can fill yourself up with junk food for a whole day and save the rest of your i've heard2.

Education system well, this needs little or no explanation.

So i decided to outline a few of the reasons why i think this is so.1.

Before I drop the mic, let me add a few:*Mosquito: if Nigerian mosquito bite you, u will know the essence of procuring an international passport.*Light: just tell me why I won't travel out when for the past 2 weeks no light that I go to work with rumpled shirt only to cover it up with a jacket even inside heat...* I for say SUN but I come ask my self, nigerians wey dey go UAE wey bird no dey fly for day cous e go catch fire mid air cous of sun wear Ozone layer for body....

No fuel scarcity The sun is not too hot Steady light Fulani herdsmen not hacking people anyhow as if humans are internet connections Wooing a girl is not like trying to stabilize naira ... 89Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

Olamide is a medical doctor and pastor and is a Bella Naija contributor.

Aisha is a banker and a health and wellness enthusiast and together they are passionate about building love and relationships.

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