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Another trend in that direction is that young people are telling their stories using images rather than text.

The current Instragram craze could be due to the fact that you don't have to write anything.

This makes it possible for him to compare large groups without any data protection problems.

Short, transitory information Big Data makes it possible to achieve research results that cover a wide range of issues, and can tell us a great deal about developments in the world in many different areas.

Can Big Data be used as a resource for journalists, and how trustworthy is the information available on social media?

This is one of the subjects that the SINTEF researchers will be looking into as part of the EU REVEAL project.

An increasing amount of data is becoming available on the internet.

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'Who knows -- in two years, perhaps the tax register will be linked to the health and insurance register? 'And tax data can go astray; it has happened before.' What opinions are being communicated? 'We will look at various sources in relation to each other, and for example find out how trustworthy Twitter messages are,' says Brandtzæg.Brandtzæg has investigated a tool called Wisdom developed by the American-based company Micro Strategy, and has started applying it in the del TA-project which addresses young people's social activity on the internet.'This gives me access to data about over 20 million people -- without making a single inquiry.It is possible to carry out thorough analyses and comparisons between countries and different genders.For example, researchers in Facebook's own research department have looked into how people across the world update their messages, and what kind of information they post about themselves and their lives.

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