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There are a large number of books based on the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, I will give these books their own is the eleventh installment of Rachel Caines popular Morganville Vampires series.

It picks up where book 10, Bite Club, left off, following the fate of heroine Claire Danvers as she tries to survive in a town run by vampires.

There is often a mix of horror and romance in vampire fiction for young adults, I will note which reviews could fall under the horror romance as well as vampire fiction.

I will note to be under the vampire fiction category there needs to be some bloodshed.

Its not long before Blue is dragged into the sinister world of the vampires who live below the streets of New York.

Another strength of the book is Lovells slightly off-beat writing style.The most disturbing aspect of the book, and the basis of my recommendation rating, is that there is a blatant misogyny that is fundamental to the plot.Though Amys attitude is rebellious and proud, Mahs nonchalant, often violent subjugation of females in her work is inappropriate and offensive. is the first in a new YA vampire series from writer Angela Lovell.What if there is something worse than vampires out there?One of the key strengths of Caines series has always been its heroine. While she is younger than some YA heroines, starting the series at just sixteen years old, Caines creation has proved to be one of the smartest protagonists of vampire series that I have come across.

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