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Bent Hamer wrote and directed this story of a bored scientist in a bad marriage who goes to Paris for a seminar and meets a guy who is seriously into weights and measures. Too bad he kind of lied about being a wealthy philanthropist.

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Directed by Anne Fletcher, who dealt with odd couples in “27 Dresses” and “The Proposal.”Intrepido: A Lonely Hero (“L’Intrepido”) Antonio Albanese stars in this Italian satire about a lonely man who takes temp jobs to feel useful. Maggie Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this horror thriller as a Midwestern farmer facing a zombie epidemic.

The complication is that his daughter (Abigail Breslin, who’s 19 now), for whom he’d do anything, has been infected. Noble Deirdre O’Kane stars in the true story of Christine Noble, who grew up slum-poor, motherless, institutionalized and homeless in Ireland, then decided to devote her adult life to helping abandoned and orphaned children in Vietnam beginning in the 1980s.

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