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The so-called “alpha” behavior that men often mistake for confidence tends to be selfishness and a lack of respect for others, not the knowledge of one’s own abilities and value.

Confidence is, ultimately a belief in oneself; the knowing what you’re worth and what you’re capable of even in the face of people who belittle or demean you.

– the so-called “alpha males” who are tall, dark and handsome assholes with lantern jaws, fast cars, a six-pack and seven figure salary.

All other men are just shit out of luck and may as well jump off a cliff; they’re evolutionary dead-ends, forever doomed to be unable to spread their seed and carry on their genetic lineage.

OK, we’ll get it out of the way now: confidence is the #2 cliché of what women find attractive in men.

Other symptoms that go with the illness do not in and of themselves mean you have Fibro. On the other hand, there is this wonderful new doctor, treatment or vitamin that will surely cure me. These have to be dealt with in order to move on with your life. Grieve for the plans you had that will not come to pass. I was a regular book reviewer for Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine, and had to stop as I had a short story published.

The day I went in because of the pain, I had a response to all eighteen pressure points. This might work if you are married to a sadist, but most husbands don’t want to hurt their wives. All of this led to a tremendous amount of guilt and anger. Grieve for the uncontrollable changes in your life. It is not what you would tell your children or your friends to do. I have written a few articles and been paid for them.

” The answer is usually a variation of “this is what the media tells me” or “this is what I see all around me every day.” The problem with this is that, frankly, the plural of “anecdote” isn’t “data”.

People are prone to blind spots when it comes to a deeply held beliefs, an intellectual fallacy known as “confirmation bias”; that is, we’re only seeing the things that back up what we already believe and dismissing (or simply not seeing) everything else.

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