Dating with foreigners send message

Walled cities, walled compounds, are everywhere in developing countries and historically a response to insecurity.

Think of the lovely walled cities of Europe; Italy, Portugal, Spain and China.

If you live in a city, living in a gated, guarded subdivision probably is safer.

It’s not perfect, but low-life characters may find it a bit harder, bit more intimidating, more frightening to get in at night, and a bit harder to flee.

Foreigners like my wife and I can happily report that they have lived in such and such a place for two or three or five years and have never had a problem.The foreigner is killed because he resists or because the robber is known to him and he does not want to be caught.Sometimes the accomplice maid or girlfriend is “tied-up” and reports the crime to neighbors or police when she gets free.All have a four-legged alarm system — if poor, a mutt, if richer a Doberman.If you leave something out at night, it might well be gone in the morning. Some foreigners feel it’s distasteful and/or unnecessary to live in a walled compound. Every Filipino who can afford it lives behind walls and gates.

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