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The chassis can also be found in the weird, plastic-cased Deco-Tone and in some Custom Shop amps with exotic wood cases such as bubinga.

Other cabinet coverings include blond Tolex, dark brown Tolex with a wheat-colored grille (custom for a Canadian music store chain), and the Texas Red Tolex.

It’s a little weak in the bass and the highs are a bit more muted than the other speakers.

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The C12N doesn’t sound much like vintage Jensens, and it can be shrill-sounding. Some people prefer the Special Design and don’t consider it an improvement.Surprisingly for Leo Fender this was described as a sweet and forgiving character, a small delay in tone, aka compression and sag.You’ll notice that your amp adds sustain to your notes.Tube vs transistor amps If you’re struggling with discovering a sweet tone, it’s time you get yourself a proper Fender tube amp.It doesn’t have to be a vintage amp, but is has to be a tube amp. Because they offer a sweetness and warmness that transistor amps cannot compete with.

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