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I have heard horror stories (not on fusion101 free Christian singles) of guys flying out to Philippines or other places in Asia – building houses and then the female ends up with legal control of it since foreigners cannot build houses I am told – and then obviously the next thing is a divorce.We have hundreds of examples; one might be that the rainbow used to be a symbol of God’s wrath on a decadent society, and another of course would be The Devil himself – once feared by believers and even non-believers alike – but nowdays is consigned along with the Bible and Jesus resurrection to ‘myth’ status and cartoonised as a little man in red pants and a pitch fork.So wherever possible we need to keep hold of our words and treasure their original meanings.Ascertaining their motives can be tricky but much less so when there is a large age gap.Many Asian ladies have a very romantic idea about marrying a western man – not a bad thing in itself – and the relationships work out. For some its for love and a family but for others its a passport.

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