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This needs proper testing, the search seems to not be indexing things properly at the moment - searching the PHC on is a miserable experience.

:] - TODO: Not yet done (optilude) - A way to set PHC-wide default Rights attribute - on we want everything to be under the same license, for example.

It should allow searching on all the different types.

Almost done, it doesn't search the Glossary at the moment, it seems.

We need the initial implementation in place first, though.

--Joel - Appears done, though why are we limiting to Flash videos only?Maybe look at Plone CC which is a product to add Creative Commons licenses. CC/ (no idea if this is relevant or not) - XXX: Unsure what this means, but doesn't appear to be done (optilude) - Definitions (in Glossary) need to be able to have Rich Text - the way it is now, it can't have links to other definitions.I'm probably missing something obvious (optilude) - BUG: Comments on Tutorial Pages end up on the containerish Tutorial object instead, at least on - XXX: Not yet tested (optilude) - BUG: error_reference object has "wrong attachments" tab @@ -29,6 42,8 @@ I get this wrong behavior, when trying to view the Attachments tab after creating a *error reference* - Appears done (optilude) - History Aware mix-in - PHC types should have a history attached, so we can mount a non-packable storage on that will keep all the change history for documentation content types. - Done, though not always sensible values to test, since some fields use metadata only (answer in Description) and this doesn't seem to be versioned in the ZODB (optilude) - I have removed workflow for Tutorial Page (~limi), but we might consider a visible/hidden scheme, so you can have pages that you're adding while the Tutorial is available.- TODO: Not yet done (optilude) - The help center template should list any other normal folders put into it, so you can add stuff that is just plain folders, like on

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